Tracey ButlerHematology/Oncology and Infusion Operations Director at Churchill Consulting

Ms. Tracey Butler is a former Registered Radiation Therapist with over 27 years experience in the Oncology profession. Ms. Butler has worked as a Radiation Therapist, has done Locum Tenens, managed departments, worked for large vendors in Sales and Consulting, and has been part of six teams in the opening of six separate Cancer Centers.  She is a content expert in oncology and infusion coding, revenue cycle, documentation, orders, and treatment techniques.  She also has experience in bringing billing in-house, developing Clinical Research programs, imaging, 340b centers, and Accreditations.  She is an advocate for operational excellence and emotional intelligence and believes everyone should be practicing to their highest scope of their license.  She is a graduate of Laboure’ College in Boston and did most of her clinical training at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Ms. Butler has a strong passion for Oncology and the advancements in treatment and patient care that has transpired over her career in the Oncology field.  She most recently opened a Comprehensive Cancer center in the mid-west along with a center for Holistic Healing that propelled her into the field of Integrative medicine.  She has become tired of the emotional, physical, and psychological toll of her chronic back pain and the side effects of the numerous medications she had been prescribed over the last 16 years so over the last year she has begun studying mindfulness and meditation as a form to manage her constant pain.  She feels adding Integrative Oncology into the Oncology family is a must have for all Oncology programs in the future.

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